Jump Start a project.

npm install jump-start@1.0.2


Middleman Website

Written with Ruby+Middleman

Setup in development

git clone repo-path.git
cd project-dir
  • Install Ruby version set in .ruby-version
rbenv install && rbenv rehash
  • Setup local ruby (this number should reflect the ruby version that was just installed)
rbenv local 2.1.5
  • Install JavaScript runtime You need a JS runtime. For Nodejs, I suggest installing via nvm. For therubyracer, add gem "therubyracer": "x.x.x" to your Gemfile, then run bundle install

  • Install dependencies

gem install bundler && bundle install
  • Copy source/environment_variables.rb.sample to source/environment_variables.rb

  • Set site_url_production and site_url_development in source/environment_variables.rb

  • Start Middleman server

bundle exec middleman


  • Run the following to build your website locally into a build folder
bundle exec middleman build


bundle exec middleman build


This is not setup yet.

Middleman-deploy can deploy a site via rsync, ftp, sftp, or git. Configure the deployment section of config.rb, then run the deploy command. Note, this will build for you before deploying.

bundle exec middleman deploy