LogDis filter to add a timestamp field to the processed object ⇒ http://logdis.io/

logdis, logdis-plugin, logdis-filter, logdis-filter-timestamp
npm install logdis-filter-timestamp@0.1.0


LogDis Plugins

These are the officially supported plugins for LogDis.

See http://logdis.io/plugins/ for more details.

Writing a Plugin

Please be sure to add the following four keywords to your package.json so that others can find it:

  • logdis - so we can find everything related to logdis
  • logdis-plugin - so we can find all plugins
  • one of these three depending on your plugin type:
    • logdis-input - for input plugins
    • logdis-filter - for filter plugins
    • logdis-output - for output plugins
  • the name of the plugin, such as logdis-filter-timestamp

Finding a Plugin

There are three types of plugin:

All plugins can be found here : https://www.npmjs.com/browse/keyword/logdis-plugin