Fun email development environment

email, react, javascript, typescript, email templates, transactional emails
npm install mailing@1.1.0


Mailing logo

Mailing logo

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●  Build, test, send emails with React

  • Build email templates with React components Examples
  • MJML components that work across clients (Outlook!)
  • Preview server with live reload for quick development
  • Dev mode opens emails in your browser instead of sending
  • Test mode for ensuring emails send and have the correct content
  • Plays well with js frameworks like next.js, redwood.js, remix
  • Written in TypeScript, inspired by Action Mailer from Ruby on Rails

●  Why?

We’re longtime users of Action Mailer and wanted something similar for our typescript/react apps. We didn’t find anything, so we decided to build Mailing. We added some features that we would’ve liked in Action Mailer, like a mobile toggle (with hotkeys), and the ability to send a test email from the browser while developing. We went all in on MJML so that we (almost) never have to think about email clients or nested tables :)

●  Get started

Prerequisites: Mailing requires version 16+ of node and running on Mac or Linux. Windows is not supported at this time, but we'd welcome a pull request to fix these bugs and add Windows support!

To get started with Mailing, check out the official docs.

●   Contributing

Want to improve Mailing? Incredible. Try it out, file an issue or open a PR.

Check the for more info.

●   Support

Need help getting set up? Hit us up on discord