a extensible mongo service with crud operations

crud-functionality, ecma6, mongodb
npm install mongo-crud-service@0.4.0


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A simple extensible mongo service with CRUD operations.


var MongoCrudService = require("mongo-crud-service");

var BookService = MongoCrudService(
	db, /*node-mongo db instance*/
	"books" /*collection name*/

MongoCrudService is an ECMA6 class definition; you can extend its behaviour. See Advanced Usage to see how.


new MongoCrudService(db, collectionName)

  • db: node-mongo db instance. See the Basic Usage example below for where you can find it
  • collectionName: name of collection in db

Returns a MongoCrudService instance

MongoCrudService instance methods:

  • create(props) returns Promise
  • list(filter) returns Promise
  • show(id) returns Promise
  • update(id, props) returns Promise
  • remove(id) returns Promise
  • marshal(it) reformats and returns given document. See Marshalling section below.

Basic Usage

const MongoClient = require("mongodb").MongoClient;
var MongoCrudService = require("mongo-crud-service");

/* establish a mongo connection */
new MongoClient("mongodb://...").connect()
.then(function(mongoConnection) {
	return mongoConnection.db;
.then(function(db) {
	class BookService = new MongoCrudService(db, "books");

		name: "iRobot",
		author: "Isaac Asimov"
	}).then(function(createdBook) {
		console.log("created book with id : " + createdBook._id);

	BookService.list().then(function(books) {
		console.log("there are " + books.length + " books");
	});"ID_OF_A_BOOK").then(function(book) {
		console.log("found book with id: " + book._id);

	BookService.update("ID_OF_A_BOOK", {
		name: "new name of book"
	}).then(function(updatedBook) {
		console.log("updated book with id: " + book._id);

	BookService.remove("ID_OF_A_BOOK").then(function() {
		console.log("removed book with id: ID_OF_A_BOOK");

Advanced Usage

Because mongo-crud-service uses ECMA6 class definition, it is easily extensible.

class AdvBookService extends MongoCrudService {
	create(props) { =;

		return super.create(props);

myBookService = new AdvBookService(db, "advbooks");

	name: "Dream Catcher",
	author: "Stephen King",
}).then(function(createdBook) {

	/* this will print:
		_id: somethingsomethingsomething,
		name: "DREAM CATCHER",
		author: "Stephen King"


To marshal/reformat the data you get from CRUD operations you can use

  • use the setMarshaller(fun) method. fun is a marshaller function as described below
    function myMarshaller(it) {
    	it.fullName = + " " + it.surname; = it._id;
    	return it;
    var MyService = new MongoCrudService(...).setMarshaller(myMarshaller)
  • override the marshal() method in your child class:
    class MyServiceClass extends MongoCrudService {
    	marshal(it) {
    		// do stuff with 'it'
    		return it;

MongoCrudService.idMarshaller is a simple marshalling function that adds an id field (like mongoose does)

var MyService = new MongoCrudService(...).setMarshaller(MongoCrudService.idMarshaller);


Enable createdAt and updatedAt fields by calling enableTimestamps() on your MongoCrudService instance

var MyService = new MongoCrudService(...).enableTimestamps()

Beyond CRUD

If you want to use other MongoDB methods, access them through collection of your MongoCrudService instance. This will be an instance of MongoDB Collection.

var BookService = new MongoCrudService(...);
BookService.collection.count({year: {$gt: 2006}})
	.then(function(count) {
		console.log("There are " + count + " books released after 2006");