A Nuxt.js plugin to synchronize vuex store states with localstorage.

vuex, nuxt, localstorage
npm install nuxt-vuex-localstorage-sync@1.0.3



This plugin will allow you to load states from localstorage and automatically update the localstorage value when the state is changed.

All states are loaded in the app component's beforeCreate hook, so all states will be available in the beforeMount and mounted hooks. The plugin is very basic and doesn't require any setting up.All you need to do is follow the naming conventions.


npm i -S nuxt-vuex-localstorage-sync

How to use

// nuxt.config.js
export default {
    plugins: [
// store/index.js
export const state = ()=> ({
    counter: 0

export const mutations = {
    counterFromStorage: (state, delta)=>
        state.counter += delta;

This is all the setting up you will need. Export a state named anything you want. Then for the plugin to synchronize that state in localstorage you will need to export a mutation that starts with the name of the state (exactly written the same as the state export) and append it with "FromStorage". The "FromStorage" part is not Case-Sensitive. The plugin wil also work if you have different namespaced store files without any extra work.

I can't ensure the plugin will work with project setups that differ a lot from a "basic" nuxt project.