A dynamic interactive list with add/remove functionality

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npm install react-interactive-list@0.6.4



alt text

An interactive, dynamic list of components with add / remove buttons. You define how items are rendered (e.g text input).


npm install -s react-interactive-list


Live Demos

List of text inputs

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List of react-select components

Edit React Interactive List SELECT example

import React from 'react';

import InteractiveList from 'react-interactive-list';
// IMPORTANT: This style is responsible for the basic formation
import 'react-interactive-list/lib/styles/react-interactive-list.css';
// Some extra styling for the input and the delete button
import 'react-interactive-list/lib/styles/react-input-list.css';

class App extends React.Component {
    constructor() {

        this.renderInput = this.renderInput.bind(this);

    renderInput(props, removable, uniqueId, index, onChangeCallback) {
        let inputClasses = 'interactive-list-input';
        if (removable) {
            inputClasses += ' interactive-list-input--removable';

        return (
            <div className="table">
                <span className="table-cell">{index+1}</span>

                <div className="table-cell">
                    <input type="text"
                           onChange={(e) => onChangeCallback(e.target.value)}
                           placeholder={props.placeholder} />

    render() {
        return (
            <InteractiveList renderItem={this.renderInput}
                             placeholder="Some Text"
                             maxItems={3} />

export default App;


Property Type Description
renderItem (required) function Render each item. It must call its 4th parameter onChangeCallback when the value of the rendered element changes.
onChange function Callback for when anything in the list changes. It is called with the entire list of values each time.
onRemoveItem function Callback for when an item is removed. It is called with (uniqueId, value)
minItems Number Minimum amount of items that must be in the list. The X button does not appear when this is the amount of items in the list. Defaults to 1.
maxItems Number Maximum amount of items to be added to the list. The add button becomes disabled once this number of items is reached. Defaults to -1, meaning infinite.
addButtonText String Text to display in the add button. Defaults to 'Add'

Note that all properties of InteractiveList are also passed to the renderItem function (its 1st parameter).