A react radio button component with an additional pinch of CSS applied.

radio-button, react, es6
npm install react-radio-button@1.5.4



npm: This react component is a div based radio button group. Simple to use and access.

How to install:

npm install react-radio-button


Example Image


import React, { Component, PropTypes } from 'react';

import RadioButtonGroup from 'react-radio-button';

export default class App extends Component {

	constructor(props) {
		this.state = {
			selectedValue: undefined,
			radioOptions: [
				{ value: 'CreditCard', text: 'Credit Card' },
				{ value: 'DebitCard', text: 'Debit Card'}

	handleSelection(value) {
		this.setState({selectedValue: value});

  render() {
    return (
      <div className="container">
        <div className="row">
          <div className="col-xs-12">
      	    <h2> Welcome for the radio button example</h2>
      	  <div className="col-xs-12">
      	    <RadioButtonGroup listOfItems={this.state.radioOptions} selectedItemCallback={(value) => this.handleSelection(value)}/>
      	  <div className="col-xs-12">
      	    <h4>Selected radio button: <i>{this.state.selectedValue}</i></h4>

###props to the <RadioButtonGroup listOfItems={<items>} selectedItemCallback={callbck} />

###listOfItems (PropTypes.array): The items that need to appear on the radio items, is in the format (array): javascript radioOptions: [ { value: 'CreditCard', text: 'Credit Card' }, { value: 'DebitCard', text: 'Debit Card'} ] where, value is the value we get on radio button selection text is the display of the radio button

###selectedItemCallback (PropTypes.func) The callback that is invoked when a radio button is clicked (function): (value) => handleSelection(value) where,

  handleSelection(value) {  //value is the selected value, like "CreditCard" or "DebitCard"
      this.setState({selectedValue: value});

##Customing button colors (The default colors are shown below):

Add these to your custom css file and should be ideally changing the color for which ever color scheme you use.

###With not selected state:

.not-checked {
    background-color: #ffffff !important;
    border-color: #ccc !important;

###With selected state:

.checked {
    background-color: #7d9c47 !important;

.radio-button-item > input[type="radio"]:checked+span:after {
  background-color: #426C2A !important;

.radio-button-item > input[type="radio"]:checked+span+span{
    color: #fff !important;

###On hover, the color to change:

.radio-button-item:hover .radio-dot:before {
    border-color: #bdde85 !important;

.radio-button-item:hover .radio-dot:after {
    background-color: #bef65b !important;

Once added to a custom css file (example: test.css), do import the same as:

import React, { Component, PropTypes } from 'react';

import RadioButtonGroup from '~/components/RadioButtonGroup';
import './test.css'  // Relative path