Several hooks for using Wonka streams with React

wonka, observable, iterable, stream, react, hooks
npm install react-wonka@1.0.1



Several hooks to effectively use Wonka streams with React.

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Wonka streams are an effective way to abstract streams (or rather "sources") of changing values. When integrating them with React it's likely that your code will mostly look the same every time, since you'll be handling:

  • Some kind of changing prop or other input
  • Subscribing and unsubscribing
  • Synchronous / Asynchronous updates

It's very common to create a Wonka source using makeSubject from a changing prop. Or you may also be subscribing (and unsubscribing) to a new source every time some kind of input or prop changes.

Wonka streams can additionally be synchronous or asynchronous, so integrating them correctly into React's updates, while taking advantage of synchronous results is hard, and especially complicated with Concurrent Mode.

This library exposes a two hooks to solve this problem, useSubjectValue and useStreamValue.



const result = useStreamValue(makeStream, input, init);

Returns a stateful value that has been produced by a stream, which emits the changing input values.

The hook accepts a makeStream function which is called once using an input Wonka stream. This stream will synchronously receive input every time it changes and on initial mount.

You can then use any Wonka operator to transform this input stream and return a new stream. The values that your stream emits will be returned as result.

The init argument determines the initial value for result, in case your stream is asynchronous. It's important to provide some kind of value for it so that your stream may also emit values at a later point, while React is allowed to keep rendering immediately.

You can use both asynchronous or synchronous streams (or mixed ones) with this hook. It will correctly return synchronous values immediately, while triggering updates for asynchronous ones.

import { pipe, map, delay, merge } from 'wonka';
import { useStreamValue } from 'react-wonka';

  x => merge([
    pipe(x, map(x => x + 1)),
    pipe(x, map(x => x + 2), delay(10)),

// For input = 0 this returns:
// - `1` immediately
// - then updates and returns `2` after 10ms


const [result, update] = useSubjectValue(makeStream, input, init);

This hook is the same as useStreamValue, but it returns the result and an update function.

The update function can be used to force an additional value to be sent to the internal stream that makeStream receives. It's like useReducer's dispatch function or like a forceUpdate function.

This can be an effective replacement for useReducer that can integrate asynchronous side-effects or complex changes cleanly.