Extensible Remarkable plugin for embedding content in markdown

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npm install remarkable-embed@0.4.1



Provides the {@plugin: slug} syntax to remarkable, allowing you to embed rich content in your documents as defined by any given plugins.

See 'remarkable-embed tonic' to try it in your browser

By default remarkable-embed comes with two plugins: One for youtube videos and one for pens.

Creating new plugins is also super simple - The Youtube plugin showcases a straight forward embed and the Codepen plugin showcases usage of the remarkable options object


npm install --save remarkable-embed

Usage - Code

This module is not built with transpiled/es6, but the examples are simpler with such

import Remarkable from 'remarkable';
import { Plugin as Embed, extensions } from 'remarkable-embed';

const md = new Remarkable()

const embed = new Embed()

md.render('This vid is gr8 m8 {@youtube: dQw4w9WgXcQ}')

// Output: '<p>This vid is gr8 m8 </p><iframe type="text/html" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>'

Plugins can also be registered by passing an object to Embed#register(), in which case they will all be registered by the key in the object.


The extensions object provided alongside remarkable-embed can also be passed directly to register to use all of the built in extensions.


Usage - Markdown

Plugins extend the markdown syntax by adding constructs of the form {@[name]: [meta]}, where [name] is the name used to register the plugin with remarkable-embed and [meta] is the information that will be passed to the plugin. The example youtube extension takes either the full embed link or the video id.

Extensions - Built in


  • meta:
  • Video code (e.g. dQw4w9WgXcQ)
  • Full embed link (e.g.

Extensions - Creating

A remarkable-embed plugin is a simple function with the signature plugin(meta[, opts]) where meta is the arbitrary string that doesn't contains whitespace captured by the markdown tag, and options is the options object that was passed to the Remarkable parser when it was created