CLI for deploying single page apps to

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npm install roast@2.2.1


roast-logo-wordmark-black-github CLI

This CLI (command line interface) for lets you deploy JavaScript single page apps (React, Angular, Ember, and more) from your command line (terminal)


npm install roast -g


Deploy a "single page app" JavaScript project that lives in my-project and builds to dist directory:

cd my-project/
roast deploy -p dist

Configuration and Authentication

The first time you use the roast CLI command you'll be asked to authenticate.

Your access token is stored in ~/.roast/config.

Roast also stores a local .roast file in the folder where you run roast deploy from where the site_id is stored.

From CI (circleci, Travis CI, Jenkins, etc.)

  1. When you push your app to your CI server, you can configure the required site_id and path with either:
    1. The local .roast file (so you could check this into your repository)
    2. or CLI options: roast deploy -s MY-SITE-ID -p dist
  2. and must set the ROAST_TOKEN environment variable to your API token (found either in ~/.roast/config) or in the web UI after signing in
  ROAST_TOKEN=MY_SECRET_TOKEN roast deploy -s MY-SITE-ID -p dist