Maintains state for React app with RxJS the Redux way

rxjs, reactive, redux, reducer, state, functional
npm install rxr@0.2.0


RxR - RxJS the Redux way

RxR - RxJS the Redux way

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RxR uses RxJS to mimick Redux way of structuring (not only) a React app.

Rewrite current react-redux app with RxJS/RxR is straightforward. You can left most of the main code nearly intact when you learn RxJS with RxR.

RxJS is great. Try it.

RxR is a really tiny layer, mostly helpers. You don't need to use RxR or learn RxR specific syntax (except RxJS but this is the aim). This is what I like on Redux a lot and this is what I wanted to have in RxR.

This is work in progress. Two packages (rxr and rxr-react). First versions. A lot to do. Opinions and help welcome.

Read more in RxR docs where you can see Redux and appropriate RxR code side by side and you will get into how (simple) RxR works thanks to RxJS.

Here is demo app with docs about differences between Redux and RxR: rxr-redux-example.


npm install --save rxr rxr-react