This is an umbrella package that includes the following packages:

helper-functions, javascript, nodejs, react, react-hooks, reactjs, typescript, utility
npm install sharyn@5.0.1


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🌹 Sharyn

Sharyn is a collection of JavaScript / TypeScript packages that make your life easier and reduce your boilerplate code.

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Getting Started

Depending on your needs, you can install individual modules, like @sharyn/browser.getformfields, a group of modules, like @sharyn/browser, or the whole library (which is actually quite small, 379KB on disk, including all its dependencies). That's the simplest way to get started. The library is separated into 2 parts, sharyn, which goes in your dependencies, and sharyn-dev, which goes in your devDependencies.

npm i sharyn && npm i --save-dev sharyn-dev
# or
yarn add sharyn && yarn add --dev sharyn-dev


And depending on what packages you chose to install, you have different ways to import or require a module:

// If you installed an individual package (note the lowercase name)
import getFormFields from '@sharyn/browser.getformfields'

// If you installed a group of modules
import getFormFields from '@sharyn/browser/getFormFields'
import { getFormFields } from '@sharyn/browser'

// If you installed the whole library
import getFormFields from 'sharyn/browser/getFormFields'
import { getFormFields } from 'sharyn/browser'
import { getFormFields } from 'sharyn'

Note: If you use the from 'sharyn' syntax, you need to have react and react-router installed in your project, since some of the modules included in sharyn require them.

Also, TypeScript users, remember to have your esModuleInterop set to true if you want to import the default exports without having to use the * syntax.


By Jonathan Verrecchia (verekia) GithubTwitterWebsite – MIT License

Sharyn is a reference to one of my favorite metalcore songs, Rose of Sharyn by Killswitch Engage.

Rose illustration by tiaesther_4360