Sigil is a Parenscript to Javascript command line compiler and REPL.

parenscript, compiler, repl
npm install sigil-cli@1.1.1



Sigil is a Parenscript to Javascript command line compiler and REPL.

What is Parenscript? (from

Parenscript is a translator from an extended subset of Common Lisp
to JavaScript. Parenscript code can run almost identically on both
the browser (as JavaScript) and server (as Common Lisp).

Parenscript code is treated the same way as Common Lisp code,
making the full power of Lisp macros available for
JavaScript. This provides a web development environment that is
unmatched in its ability to reduce code duplication and provide
advanced metaprogramming facilities to web developers.


sigil [-i] [-v] [-I load-directory] [-C <upcase|downcase|preserve|invert>] 
[-q|--quickload <system name>]
[--eval <CL code>] 
[--pseval <PS Code>] > app.js
  • -i starts the parenscript REPL.
  • -v enables verbose mode. Each parenscript form will appear as a comment before its javascript representation.
  • -q loads an asdf system with quicklisp.


$ npm install -g sigil-cli

This will automatically try to compile the executable which can then be run with the sigil command. It requires from the system:

  • SBCL (or some other Common Lisp implementation, but Sigil uses this by default)
  • make for building the executable.
  • wget for fetching dependencies.


Sigil adds the 'load' command to Parenscript, so you can load macros and other files during compilation, like (load ""). Use -I to specify the load paths to search.

Readtable Case

The readtable case can be set on the sigil command line with the -C switch. Valid values are upcase, downcase, preserve, and invert. All items that follow will be read with the specified case. The -C switch can be used multiple times in a single command.

Interactive REPL

Sigil comes with an interactive REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) when invoked with -i (or no arguments), allowing you to type and evaluate Parenscript commands interactively.




Burton Samograd


Ben McGunigle (bnmcgn at