Sprout based Node/CommonJS package generator.

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Installation / Usage
npm install -g sprout
sprout add commonjs-lib
sprout init commonjs-lib my-new-lib

NOTE: You may pass a relative path (as depicted above) or a full path as the last parameter to sprout init.

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Why use this generator over the others?

How one builds Node modules is a fairly personal and evolving process. It should also be as painless as possible. I personally prefer to use a generator that streamlines the way I build modules/packages over generators that provide a ton of options. If I find that I need those options, I'll bake them into the process.

If your module/package building process is similar to mine, then this is the right generator for you. If it is close but you feel like my process is missing something, check out the contributing doc and send over a PR.

Input-based template variables

  • github_user_name GitHub user name.
  • github_user_email GitHub user email.
  • package_name Name of the project.
  • repo_name GitHub repository name (without username).
  • package_description Package description.
  • travis Whether to use Travis CI.

Derived template variables

  • author_full_name Package author's full name.
  • date Current date.
  • export_name Default module export name (camelCased package name).
  • github_clone_url GitHub clone URL.
  • simple_name package name with file extension removed.



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