Stimulsoft Reports.JS is a reporting tool for Node.js

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npm install stimulsoft-reports-js@2021.3.6


Stimulsoft Reports.JS

Stimulsoft Reports.JS is a reporting tool for Node.js and JavaScript applications. You can create new and load already created reports, easily connect to various databases, and export the report to PDF, HTML, Worl, Excel, Image and other formats.

How to install

Ceate a project folder and install Reports.JS module using the specified command:

npm install stimulsoft-reports-js

How to load and save a report

Create index.js file in the folder, and add the required code:

// Stimulsoft reports module loading
var Stimulsoft = require('stimulsoft-reports-js');

// Loading fonts

// Creating a new report object
var report = Stimulsoft.Report.StiReport.createNewReport();

// Loading a report template (MRT) into the report object

// Renreding the report
report.renderAsync(() => {


// Exporting the report to PDF
report.exportDocumentAsync((pdfData) => {


// Saving the report object into a template file (MRT)

// Saving the rendered report object into a document file (MDC)

How to run

Open console and run index.js

node index

Trial limitation

The free trial versions of Stimulsoft Reports.JS for Node.js are fully functional and will work for an unlimited time. The only limitation is a Trial watermark displayed on each report page. To activate the product, you do not need to install a special version, just add a license key.

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