Tatooine: A pluggable, simple and powerful web scraper.

customizable, nodejs, pluggable, web-scraper
npm install tatooine@2.1.0


Tatooine: A pluggable, simple and powerful web scraper.

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$ npm install tatooine --save


// schemas: Array<Schema> => A list of schemas.
// customEngines?: Array<CustomEngine> => An optional list of custom engines.

const promise = Tatooine(schemas, customEngines)

Standard Engines

For convenience, Tatooine provide you with three useful standard engines.

Extending Standard Engines

The fork property allows extends the engine capabilities for your needs while creating schemas for the standard engines spa, json and/or markup.

// index.js

import Tatooine from "tatooine"

const schemas = [{
  engine: "json",
  options: { ... },
  selectors: { ... },
  fork({ sources, error }) {
    // Do anything you want with the data provided and then;

    return { sources, error };

const promise = Tatooine(schemas)

Note: The data returned in fork as parameter is the data already processed using the given schema configs.

Custom Engines

Beyond the standard engines, you can also create custom engines with your own rules whenever needed. Basically, you should follow the structure below to extend Tatooine's engine capabilities:

// xyz-engine.js

function getSourcesFromSomewhere(schema) {
  // Your engine logic

export default {
  engine: "xyz",
  run: getSourcesFromSomewhere,
// xyz-schema.js

export default {
  engine: "xyz",
// index.js

import Tatooine from "tatooine"

import xyzEngine from "./xyz-engine.js"
import xyzSchema from "./xyz-schema.js"

const promise = Tatooine([xyzSchema], [xyzEngine])