IDE based on Node.js and Polymer

npm install teide@0.0.18



TeIDE is an IDE based on Node.js and Polymer. It provides a clean interface without too many complicated options, applying material design concepts.

It's currently in alpha stage, lacking some very fundamental features for a code editor such as:

  • Ability to copy or delete files from the editor interface
  • Autocomplete

The existence of TeIDE is heavily inspired by Jupyter Notebooks, but without the big emphasis in interactivity and using a material design interface. TeIDE would also not exist if it wasn't for CodeMirror.


Install via NPM

  npm install -g teide


Simply invoke the globally installed node module


Why another IDE?

There is an abundance of IDEs, why create another one?

  1. For large projects there are full-featured options like Visual Studio, IDEA, Eclipse
  2. For small projects there is Atom, Visual Studio Code
  3. For individual files there is Notepad++, Notepad2, Sublime

TeIDE tries to be a good fit for small projects. Other IDEs don't do well there because:

  • The overhead is hard to justify (specially with the full-featured options)
  • Sometimes they feel very sluggish
  • They tend to be very Git-centric

Browser support

TeIDE has been developed and tested exclusively on Chrome. Any feature working in any other browser is purely coincidental and unintended.


Here is a non-comprehensive list of issues that need to be addressed:

  • Add tests
  • Add file copy feature
  • Add file delete feature
  • Add ability to create file or folder structure from template
  • Add status bar/panel to editor (bottom)
    • Add error reporting from all components to status panel
    • Add current column to the status panel
  • Add action bar/panel to editor (right)
    • Add auto-handling of, MAKEFILE

And some known issues:

  • web-animations-js fails to resolve due to npm-Polymer bug

For everything else, feel free to open an issue via Github.


TeIDE is open source and restricted by the MIT license, please see the full LICENSE text for details.

What does "TeIDE" mean?

As a reference/tribute to Jupyter, TeIDE was named after the first verified brown dwarf to be discovered.