Command-line tool for manipulating TRS-80 files

npm install trs80-tool@2.1.0



This monorepo is a set of TRS-80-related libraries, tools, and web apps written in TypeScript. The subprojects are:

  • z80-base: Utility functions and data structures for dealing with Z80 code.
  • z80-emulator: Z80 emulator.
  • z80-test: Tests for Z80 emulators. Any Z80 emulator can be plugged in here, in case you want to test your own emulator.
  • z80-disasm: Z80 disassembler.
  • z80-asm: Z80 assembler and IDE.
  • trs80-base: Classes for reading and writing a variety of TRS-80 file formats.
  • trs80-disasm: Wrapper around z80-disasm that adds knowledge about the TRS-80, such as the location of ROM routines.
  • trs80-emulator: TRS-80 hardware emulator. Can emulate a Model I and Model III, read-only cassette, and read-only floppy disk.
  • trs80-cassette: Library for reading and writing cassette WAV files. Does a good job with cassettes that have been partially damaged and can't be read by other converter tools.
  • trs80-cassette-webapp: Web utility for reading cassette WAV files and converting them to CAS files.
  • my-trs-80: Web app for hosting a virtual TRS-80 and its library of cassettes and floppy disks.
  • trs80-tool: Command-line tool for manipulating TRS-80 files.


Copyright © Lawrence Kesteloot, MIT license.