Configurable and modular Node backend framework built in TypeScript.

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npm install tsty@1.0.0



Configurable and modular Node backend framework built in TypeScript.

You should read "tsty" as "Tasty". (You know, Just for FUN!)



npm install tsty

Why not include "Angular" to become MEAN?

I wanted it to be only backend framework without any front end dependencies, so it can be used with any frontend frameworks like Angular, Backbone or even mobile apps.

Those who love Angular and want to tighly bind it in system, there's always a choice to go back to MEAN.io. For others, who wants to keep frontend and backend separate, this is the choice.


In TypeScript:

import * as App from "tsty";
App.application.serve({}, () => {
    console.log("Application Started");

In JavaScript:

var App = require("tsty");
App.application.serve({}, () => {
    console.log("Application Started");

For more details about creating Modules and making an application, please check Wiki.

Configurable / replacable

Almost all items in stack are configurable and replacable. Wiki pages for specific items:

  • HTTP Framework
  • Database
  • Logger


Indirect Authors

Key Libraries

  • Express
  • Mongoose
  • Bluebird
  • Dependable
  • Dependale List
  • Lazy Dependable
  • Lodash
  • Mocha & Chai
  • Gulp

Next steps

Integrate Messaging Queues and make it work like micor-services and able to deploy modules separately and on different spaces.


You will need following dependencies installed on your machine before starting to contribute on this project:

Building project

For building project Gulp is used. Run following command to build this project:


Unit tests

Unit tests for this project are written under src/tests folder and are wrtten in Mocha+Chai+SuperTest. To run unit tests run following command:

gulp test

Useful links