A Ubuntu flavoured theme for the wonderfully simple, extendable CSS framework.

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npm install ubuntu-vanilla-theme@0.0.35


Ubuntu vanilla theme for Vanilla framework

A extension of Vanilla framework, written in Sass.

Local usage

Install the Node package into your project:

npm install ubuntu-vanilla-theme  # Installs the theme with the framework within

Then reference it from your own Sass file that is built to generate your sites CSS:

// Import the theme
@import "../../node_modules/ubuntu-vanilla-theme/scss/theme";
// Run the theme
@include ubuntu-vanilla-theme;

You can override any of the settings in _global-settings.scss.


You may find that after upgrading Node you get an error message like;

throw new Error('"libsass" bindings not found. Try reinstalling "node-sass"?');

This can be resolved by installing then reinstalling node-sass;

  npm uninstall --save-dev gulp-sass
  npm install --save-dev gulp-sass@2

Code licensed LGPLv3 by Canonical Ltd..