Decorators to transform TypeScript classes to vue components

vue, typescript, vueify
npm install vue-typescript-component@0.6.3



Official TypeScript support has been added to Vue.js 2.x and the old bindings have been changed considerably since this repository has been created. We recommend to start new projects with Vue CLI.


Use TypeScript 2.0 classes as Vue.js 2.0 components primarily targeting a vueify setup.

Note: This projects targets TypeScript 2.0 and Vue.js 2.0, and uses the built-in type definitions provided by Vue.js 2.0. Please cf. package.json for the tested versions.

For a complete example project using this package, vueify, and supporting Hot Module Replacement, checkout


Install: npm install --save-dev vue-typescript-component

Note: TypeScript and Vue.js must be installed as well.

Example Component

import Vue = require('vue')
import * as vts from 'vue-typescript-component'
// see note about import *.vue files below
import * as ChildComponent from './child.vue'

@vts.component({components: {ChildComponent}})
export default class Example extends Vue {
	// this will be 'data'
	aString = 'abc'
	aNumber = 123

	// props with initializer -> sets default value and type
	@vts.prop() aStringPropWithValue = 'abc'
	@vts.prop() aNumberPropWithValue = 123

	// props without initializer -> sets required=true
	@vts.prop() aStringProp: string
	@vts.prop() aNumberProp: number

	// computed props
	get aComputedString(): string { return this.aString }
	set aComputedString(value: string) { this.aString = value }

	get aComputedNumber(): number { return this.aNumber }
	set aComputedNumber(value: number) { this.aNumber = value }

	get aComputedStringGetter(): string { return this.aString }
	get aComputedNumberGetter(): number { return this.aNumber }

	// methods
	aMethod() { /* ... */ }

	// a lifecycle hook (names:
	created() { /* ... */ }

	// watches'aString') aStringWatch(val: string, oldVal: string) { /* ... */ }

	// mark as injected, e.g., by a plugin, and do not use in data()
	// names starting with '$' or '_' are always ignored
	@vts.injected() errors: any

The class can then be used in a *.vue file:


module.exports = require('./example.ts').default.vueComponentOptions

While it would be possible to support inline TypeScript code in the vue file itself, we prefer separate files to make use of existing IDE/editor and tooling support for TypeScript files.

Note: to use import with *.vue files in TypeScript code, cf.


There are a few other implementations using similar concepts. While this project has been implemented from scratch, and have been helpful during development. If this project does not meet your needs, check out the others!

Why this one:

  • Targets Vue.js 2.0.1
  • Works great with vueify which brings Hot Module Replacement
  • Supports Vue.js 2 template pre-compilation during bundling (using vueify)
  • Uses the new type definitions shipped with Vue.js 2.0.1
  • Smart props:
    • if the prop is initialized, the type and default value is set for the prop definition and required=false
    • else the prop is marked as required
    • these settings can be overridden by providing an explicit PropsOptions parameter to the decorator


Contributions including bug reports, tests, and documentation are more than welcome. To get started with development:

# once: install dependencies
npm install

# run unit tests in watch mode
npm test -- --watch

# lint & test
npm run prepublish