A Swiss Army Knife to init project/create files/lint/build/test/publish

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npm install websak-cli@0.2.13


A Swiss Army Knife to init project/create files/lint/build/test/publish

With devsak, there is no need to manually install a long list devDependencies in your package, such as eslint and shared config, babel family, mocha family etc. All you need is just install devsak and use it to:

  • Init a project with the boilerplate
  • Create README.md, .npmignore, .gitignore, LICENSE files
  • Clean and lint
  • Build you es6 scripts to es5-compatible
  • Test your code with es6 support
  • Publish


Always install the cli globally, and should used only with npm >= 3.

npm i devsak-cli -g


Init a project

You should init a project first, to make the project devsak-compatible. Use devsak init -b <boilerplate>. Currently the boilerplate option only support node(which is just a simple project).

In a project

After init a devsak-compatible project, run devsak <command> in your project root directory, and fly with the help!

Common commands:

  • devsak create: create files, like .npmignore, .gitignore, .eslintrc
  • devsak clean
  • devsak lint
  • devsak build: build the source to output dir, and convert the es6 to es5
  • devsak test
  • devsak publish: publish to npm or just check or just pack

And you can also add the command to the scripts in package.json, like:

  "prepublish": "devsak test && devsak publish -c"


Licensed under MIT

Copyright (c) 2016 kiliwalk