WyattERP Schema Library

ERP, sql, schema, database, postgresql, application
npm install wyselib@1.0.26


Wyselib: WyattERP Schema Library

Wyselib is a library of reusable SQL objects and object creating functions that can make it quicker and easier to create a database application.

The objects supplied in the library are authored in the format recognized by the Wyseman schema manager.

You can make your own objects and add them on top of the basic design provided by Wyselib. And you only need to use the parts of the library you want.

Wyselib also includes a number of run-time control-layer functions for handling pre-defined actions, associated with the database tables and views that are built by this schema. These are typically used for generating reports or calling stored procedures in the database. Action handlers for javascript can be accessed by requiring them from this package:

let { actions } = require('wyselib')

There is also a small parser you can access as:

let { Parser } = require('wyselib')

that is good for digesting your own action handlers you may define for your own tables and views. It is called with an object you will use to store your action lookup table, and an array of objects required from your own handler files. See the index.js file in this package for an example of how this is done.

Wyselib also includes a number of legacy run-time modules targetd for Tcl/Tk. These are not needed for new application development in a browser using Wylib.