The core SDK for CLI apps in the Zapier Developer Platform.

npm install zapier-platform-core@10.1.2



This code has been moved to:

Core for Zapier CLI Platform Travis

This is the code that powers our Zapier Platform CLI. You'll want to head to that repo to see how it's used.


  • npm install for getting started
  • npm test for running unit tests
  • npm run local-integration-test for running integration tests locally
  • npm run build-boilerplate -- --debug for building a build-boilerplate/*.zip (if you want to test buildless locally)

Integration Test on AWS Lambda

Make sure your AWS access key have permission to update and run Lambda functions, and then you can use these commands to run tests on AWS Lambda:

  • npm run deploy-integration-test builds and deploys a zip to a function named integration-test-cli on Lambda
  • npm run lambda-integration-test runs the integration test using the live Lambda function integration-test-cli

Publishing (after merging)

  • npm version [patch|minor|major] will pull, test, update schema version in dependencies for this package, update docs, increment version in package.json, and push tags, which then will tell Travis to publish to npm