Package Description

Install-Package Cake.RepoVersion -Version



A Cake addin that provides automatic versioning using the repo-version tool.

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Cake.RepoVersion Nuget Nuget

Quick Start

#addin nuget:?package=Cake.RepoVersion&version=<version>
#addin nuget:?package=Newtonsoft.Json&version=11.0.2

RepositoryVersion version;

Setup(context =>
    // Calculate the current version
    version = RepoVersion();

    // Display the current version, or set the build number
    // for the current CI system.

It is important that you also include the adding for Newtonsfot.Json and it must be 11.0.2

How to build

This project uses a cake build script (of course!). From a bash shell run the following command


optionally you can provide a specific target

./ --target <target>

Available Targets:

Target Description
Pack (Default) Creates NuGet packages
Publish Publishes nuget package to