Multiple ASP.NET Core utilities, including email, configuration, access to HTTP headers, etc.

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Install-Package ForEvolve.AspNetCore -Version 2.0.0-CI-859


ForEvolve Framework (or toolbox)

This project started as my personal toolbox, where I added utility classes that I was tired of copying from project to project, that I needed to facilitate my life or for any other reason toward reusability.

Then I cleaned this up a little to make it decent for a release version where other people would be able to depend on it; and here we are: v1.0.0. Each project is loadable on its own, or you can load bundles using meta-packages.

Examples of features are Azure table repository, Azure blob repositories (JSON object and files), automatic conversion of Exception to JSON, markdown to HTML, HTML to pdf, generic operation results, test utilities, and more.

Feel free to use the NuGet packages, fork it, contribute to it and post issues. These are ever-evolving projects!

VSTS master build


As of v1.0.0 and onward, the project follows semver to manage version numbers. All version numbers are linked and located in the src/Directory.Build.props file.


All packages are available on

To load all application packages, use the ForEvolve.App package:

Install-Package ForEvolve.App


dotnet add package ForEvolve.App

See ForEvolve/MetaPackages for more information.

Individual packages (App)

To load individual packages, you can:

Install-Package ForEvolve.AspNetCore
Install-Package ForEvolve.Azure
Install-Package ForEvolve.Contracts
Install-Package ForEvolve.Core
Install-Package ForEvolve.DynamicInternalServerError.Swagger
Install-Package ForEvolve.DynamicInternalServerError
Install-Package ForEvolve.AspNetCore.Localization
Install-Package ForEvolve.Markdown.Abstractions
Install-Package ForEvolve.Markdown
Install-Package ForEvolve.Pdf.Abstractions
Install-Package ForEvolve.Pdf
Install-Package ForEvolve.XUnit # Not included in ForEvolve.App metapackage


dotnet add package ForEvolve.AspNetCore
dotnet add package ForEvolve.Azure
dotnet add package ForEvolve.Contracts
dotnet add package ForEvolve.Core
dotnet add package ForEvolve.DynamicInternalServerError.Swagger
dotnet add package ForEvolve.DynamicInternalServerError
dotnet add package ForEvolve.AspNetCore.Localization
dotnet add package ForEvolve.Markdown.Abstractions
dotnet add package ForEvolve.Markdown
dotnet add package ForEvolve.Pdf.Abstractions
dotnet add package ForEvolve.Pdf
dotnet add package ForEvolve.XUnit # Not included in ForEvolve.App metapackage

Prerelease MyGet

For the pre-release packages, use the ForEvolve NuGet V3 feed URL packages source. See the Table of content project for more info.

Pre-release build number

Pre-release builds number are autoincremented.

The projects

In this section are quick descriptions of assemblies and links to their README file. This is until I find the time to build a documentation website.


You can find the meta-package that references all ForEvolve.* projects at the following repo: ForEvolve/MetaPackages.


This project aims at adding features over Asp.Net Core. Example: myObject.ToJsonHttpContent(), myObject.ToJson(), myHttpContent.ReadAsJsonObjectAsync<MyObjectType>(), anyString.ToObject<MyObjectType>(), IViewRendererService, IEmailSenderService, IHttpHeaderValueAccessor, IUserIdAccessor, some base middlewares and more.

See ForEvolve.AspNetCore for more information.


This project aims at adding features over the Azure SDK like Object (Blob), Queue, Table and KeyVault repositories.

See ForEvolve.Azure for more information.


This project contains shared models.

See ForEvolve.Contracts for more information.


This project stand as the root of all projects. For now, it only contains the ForEvolveException class.

See ForEvolve.Core for more information.


A dynamic internal server error filter for ASP.NET Core, that translate Exceptions (status code 500) to JSON automatically.

Validation errors are also translated automatically, following the same convention, for response with status code 400.

See ForEvolve.DynamicInternalServerError for more information.


Add Swagger support to ForEvolve.DynamicInternalServerError.

See ForEvolve.DynamicInternalServerError for more information.


Allows consumers to easily convert strings to Markdown using the IMarkdownConverter interface.

See ForEvolve.Markdown for more information.


This is the abstractions library. Only use this if you want to create your own custom implementation of the IMarkdownConverter.

See the ForEvolve.Markdown project for more info.


This library contains implementations of the ForEvolve.Pdf.Abstractions.IHtmlToPdfConverter interface, allowing convertion of HTML to a PDF.

See the ForEvolve.Pdf project for more info.


This is the abstractions library. Only use this if you want to create your own custom implementation of the IHtmlToPdfConverter.

See the ForEvolve.Pdf.Abstractions project for more info.


This project contains some testing utilities, mocks, extension methods, etc.

This package is not part of the ForEvolve.App metapackage.

This package is still a prerelease project where breaking changes are not reflected by a major version number bump.

See the ForEvolve.XUnit project for more info.

Whats next

I plan on evolving theses libraries as I use them in my projects.

How to contribute?

If you would like to contribute to the Framework, first, thank you for your interest and please read Contributing to ForEvolve open source projects for more information.

Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct

Also, please read the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct that applies to all ForEvolve repositories.