This is a fork of https://github.com/krdmllr/highlight , which is itself a fork adding .NET Standard support to https://github.com/thomasjo/highlight . This version removes all mentions of System.Drawing and all the rendering engines, leaving only the bare-bones extensible implementation.

Install-Package Highlight.NoEngine -Version 9.0.0



A relatively simple and extensible syntax highlighter written in C#.

Note: this is a fork of krdmllr/highlight, which is itself a fork adding .NET Standard 2.0 support to thomasjo/highlight. Here I removed the HTML, XML and RTF output format engines and all references to System.Drawing. I removed the reference to SixLabors.Fonts by creating a lightweight placeholder and I am now using arklumpus/VectSharp to parse colour strings.

I also did some minor changes to the configuration (namely, allowing arbitrary regexes for block patterns) and modified the C# definition by changing some colours and adding a pattern to match method/constructor calls.

To use this version of the library, you need to create your own Engine implementation. I have no plans to provide documentation for this.

This package is released under a MIT licence, but beware of the dependency on VectSharp (which is released under GPLv3)!

The NuGet package for this release is called Highlight.NoEngine.