The core of VpnHood server. It can listen and accept connections from VpnHood clients.

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Install-Package VpnHood.Server -Version 1.3.257



Undetectable VPN for ordinary users and experts. VpnHood is a solution to bypass Advanced Firewall and can circumvent deep packet inspection. VpnHood has been created from scratch entirely in C#.

Client Download

It is available for Windows and Android. iOS client is not ready yet!

Client Features

  • Easy Installation; Just install and press connect
  • Undetectable on private IP
  • Fast
  • Split Tunneling

Server Features

  • No Network configuration or knowledge is required
  • No Admin privilege is required
  • Built-In User Management
  • Built-In NAT with zero configuration
  • Run on any Windows 7,8,10 or Windows Server
  • Run on Linux

Developer Features

  • Open source (LGPL License)
  • Completely in .NET 5.0
  • Highly Customizable
  • Easily Embed into your .NET app
  • Extendable User Management via REST API
  • Component based via Nuget packages
  • Just open the solution with Visual Studio and build

FAQ & Documents

Please check our Wiki to see VpnHood documents.


You are always Welcome!

Supported Server

Windows Linux

Special Thanks

  • SharpPcap: Fully managed, cross platform .NET library for capturing packets from live and file based devices.
  • WinDivert: a user-mode packet capture-and-divert package for Windows.
  • EmbedIO: A tiny, cross-platform, module based web server for .NET.
  • Advanced Installer: Installer tools for Windows.