Xamarin.Android Bindings for Google Play Services - Clearcut 117.0.0

Xamarin.Android, Bindings, for, Google, Play, Services
Install-Package Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Clearcut -Version 117.0.0


Xamarin Component for Google Play Services Client Library

Xamarin creates and maintains Xamarin.Android bindings for the Google Play Services Client Library, including:

  • Ads
  • Analytics
  • AppIndexing
  • AppInvite
  • AppState
  • Auth
  • Base
  • Basement
  • Cast
  • Drive
  • Fitness
  • Games
  • GCM
  • Identity
  • Location
  • Maps
  • Measurement
  • Nearby
  • Panorama
  • Plus
  • SafetyNet
  • Support Wearable
  • Vision
  • Wallet
  • Wearable


The build script for this project uses Cake. To run the build, you can use one of the bootstrapper files either for Mac or Windows (experimental support only):

The bootstrapper script will automatically download Cake.exe and all the required tools and files into the ./tools/ folder.

The following targets can be specified:

  • ci builds the kitchen sink - what we run in CI
  • libs builds the class library bindings (depends on binderate)
  • binderate downloads the external dependencies and generates folder structure
  • samples builds all of the samples (depends on libs)
  • nuget builds the nuget packages (depends on libs)
  • clean cleans up everything

NOTE: The binderate build task may take awhile to run as it downloads several large dependencies.

You may want to consider passing --verbosity diagnostic (or -Verbosity diagnostic on Windows) to the bootstrapper to enable more verbose output, including downloading progress.


sh ./build.sh --target=binderate && sh ./build.sh --target=libs

Optionally run:

sh ./build.sh --target=clean

before the build.


./build.ps1 --target=binderate ; ./build.ps1 --target=libs

Optionally run:

./build.ps1 --target=clean

before the build.

To build nuget packages, samples and API diff:


sh ./build.sh --target=nuget && sh ./build.sh --target=samples && sh ./build.sh --target=diff


./build.ps1 --target=nuget ; ./build.ps1 --target=samples ; ./build.ps1 --target=diff

Working in Visual Studio / Xamarin Studio

Before the .sln files will compile in Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio, the external dependencies need to be downloaded. This can be done by running the build.sh or build.ps1 with the target externals. After the externals are setup, the .sln files should compile in an IDE.


Historically, Component and later NuGet package versions were based on the revision number of the Google Play Services SDK from the SDK Manager, and later based on the Google Play Services Maven Repository (m2repository) version from the SDK Manager. Because of this, the versions of the components and NuGet packages do not match the version strings of Google Play Services releases from Google. Here is a table which shows a translation of versions mapped to Google's version strings:

NuGet / Component Version Google m2repository Version Google Play Services Version
25.0 19 (GPS SDK 25) 7.5.0
26.0 21 (GPS SDK 26) 7.8.0
27.0 22 (GPS SDK 27) 8.1.0
29.0 24 (GPS SDK 29) 8.4.0
25 8.4.0 (no binary changes)
26 9.0.0
30.0.1.alpha4 27 (GPS SDK 30) 9.0.1
30.0.2-alpha1 28 9.0.2
29 9.2.0
30 (never published)
31 9.2.1
32.4.0-beta2 32 9.4.0
32.961.0 32 9.6.1
42.1001.0 42 10.0.1
42.1021.0 n/a 10.2.1
42.1021.1 n/a 10.2.1
60.1142.0 n/a 11.4.2
71 n/a 71
71.20190725 n/a 71.20190725


The license for this repository is specified in LICENSE.md

The externals build task downloads some external dependencies from Google which are licensed under and subject to the terms of Android Software Development Kit License Agreement

Contribution Guidelines

The Contribution Guidelines for this repository are listed in CONTRIBUTING.md

.NET Foundation

This project is part of the .NET Foundation