CEF - the Chromium Embedded Framework. NOTE: This package is maintained on behalf of the CEF authors by the CefSharp project at http://github.com/cefsharp/cef-binary

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Install-Package cef.redist.x86 -Version 93.1.14


Build status


This is a repackaging fork of the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) binary distribution files for Windows, found at https://cef-builds.spotifycdn.com/index.html, into these NuGet packages

To make it work properly for developers on VS2013 or VS2015 wanting to develop CefSharp, we need to do some local modifications (use dynamic linking) to make CefSharp.Core compile properly. This purpose of this repository is to track and maintain these modifications as well as tooling for maintaining the NuGet packages.

The modifications allow us to:

  • Re-package and distribute CEF .dll and .pak files in a piecemeal fashion using http://nuget.org (this is useful for both Xilium.CefGlue and CefSharp developers and users alike)
  • Build libcef_dll_wrapper.libs as mentioned above for CefSharp
  • Have a place to pick CEF include files for easy inclusion downstream (by git submodule vendor folders etc.)

The original README for CEF can be found here: README.txt. It has some useful details about which CEF pieces are needed for what (e.g. browser developer tools, language support, different HTML5 features, WebGL support etc.)


Note to self: Add a diagram here based on: http://codepen.io/jornh/full/Iyebk explaining that this is the red layer with the native code from the upstream CEF (and Chromium projects)

TODO: Explain each of the red pieces along the lines of this rough plan (subject to change): Foundation z: NuGets

  • C.F.Base.x64|Win32 ... (~ Bcl. Xxx ) ....

  • C.Foundation.Res.Lang

  • C.Foundation.Res.Dev

  • C.Foundation.WebGL (incl d*dxxxx43|46)

  • C.F.MDwrapper


  • C.F.Bundle.x64(NoLang)

  • C.F.Bundle.Win32

  • CS.Core

  • CS.Wpf


The code is licensed under the same license as the Chromium Embeddded Framework, i.e. the "new BSD" license. The full CEF license text can be found here: LICENSE.txt.

Additionally, don't forget to view chrome://credits/ for additional licences used by Chromium.