Altapay: Payments less complicated



Valitor Magento2-2 extension

Valitor has made it much easier for you as merchant/developer to receive secure payments in your Magento2 web shop.

== Change log ==

** Version 0.7.0

* Improvements:
        - Invoice automated generated when autocapture or ePayment is used
        - Added section for order status when AutoCapture is on
* Bug fix:
        - Notification flow broken
        - Wrong module version sent to the payment gateway
            -- before installing this version please ran:
                    $ bin/magento module:uninstall SDM_Altapay -r

** Version 0.6.0

* Improvements:
        - Rebranding from Altapay to Valitor
        - Platform and plugin versioning information sent to the payment gateway
        - Added support for virtual products
* Bug fix:
        - Validation Error not been shown at back button from checkout page
        - Order Status stall in "Pending"
        - Payment capture often fails

** Version 0.5.0

* Improvement: 
        - Added failed message as order history comment for failed captures
        - Payment statuses handled properly in the notification callback
* Bug fix:
        - Handled correctly the cancelled payment status
        - Added a fix for the percentage discounts, on item and cart level, for invoice payment methods. 
        	-- Note: only one type of discounts (item or cart) can be used per order

** Version 0.4.2

* Bug fix: 
        - Item unit price sent when capture
        - Order status set according to the configuration from the admin panel
        - Localization files encoding
        - Corrected the localization file available for the Norwegian language: Bokmål

** Version 0.4.1

* Bug fix: 
        - Wrong reference (namespace) for the plugin
        - Module failing in rendering the callback form

** Version 0.4.0

* Improvements: 
        - Added multi language support (Danish, German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and French); other languages will default to English
        - Added a custom column in the order view with correct terminal name, based on the  order's store scope
        - Improved the communication with the payment gateway

** Version 0.3.3

* Improvement: Revert the usage of a cupon if the payment is canceled by the consumer through the back button
* Bug fix:
        - Fix the order-cleanup script to be aplicable only to Altapay transactions
        - Fix the order status show in the history comments from the order view

** Version 0.3.2

* Bug fix:
        - Fix the order-cleanup script to be applicable only to Altapay orders
        - Fix the terminal name in the order view, according to store level

** Version 0.3.1

* Bug fix: cancel the order if the consumer moves away from the payment form by using the back button in the browser

** Version 0.3.0

* Improvement: payment form with the order details 
* Bug fix: empty cart if consumer uses the back button from the payment form

** Version 0.2.1

* Bug fix: 
        - Terms and Condition checkbox in checkout page
        - Order status, before payment, set according to the setting from the store

** Version 0.2.0

* Improvements: 
        - update the order with the correct status and state in accordance to the payment gateway response 
        - use StoreScope on all connections to the payment gateway
        - add Enable option for terminals on store level

** Version 0.1.11

* Bug fix: Support for scope

** Version 0.1.10

* Improvements: 
        - orderLines (including taxAmount) added in the Refund request
        - taxAmount added to Capture request

** Version 0.1.9

* Bug fixes: error message not shown in case of a payment gateway error
* Client library updated: new element in the XML response for CreatePaymentRequest

** Version 0.1.8

* Bug fix: amount type set to float

** Version 0.1.7

* Bug fix: unit price and "handling" GoodsType

** Version 0.1.6

* Support for tax information in the order lines