A convenient way to include Google AdSense ads within your pages.

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Display Google AdSense Ads

A convenient way to display Google AdSense ads in your Laravel 5 application. Just setup your ads, then $adsense->get('ad') to return the HTML for the ad.


Install via composer. Publish configuration files. Add your ads.


Edit your composer.json file:

"require": {
  "ardyn/adsense": "~2.0"

Run composer update.

Publish Configuration Files

Run php artisan vendor:publish, then modify the contents of /config/adsense.php.

  • id required The ad ID.
  • size required Size of ad. Either an array or string.
  • description A short description of the ad.
  • type Either Ad::LINK or Ad::CONTENT. Default is Ad::CONTENT.
return [
  'ads' => [
    'example' => [
      'id' => '123456789',
      'size' => [ 300, 100 ],
      'description' => 'Test Ad',
      'type' => Ad::CONTENT,

Refer to adsense.php for more configuration documentation.

Integrate with Laravel 5

Add the following to the providers array in your config/app.php file:


And add the alias in aliases array:

'Adsense' => 'Ardyn\Adsense\Facades\Adsense'


To display the HTML for an ad, call Adsense::get('example'); where 'example' is the array index of your ad.

Determine whether ads are displayed by setting the enabled configuration value to either a boolean value or a closure that returns a boolean value. The closure may include parameters. Pass the arguments in Adsense::get('example', [ /* parameters */ ]). Closures are not recommened as Laravel's config:cache cannot serialize closures correctly.


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