ScreenLeap API Wrapper



Arilas ScreenLeap Wrapper

ScreenLeap is a Service that allows you to share desktop with other users

Example of usage

Add to composer.json in require section:

"arilas/screenleap-wrapper": "dev-master"

Run composer update

If you use ZF2 add importing module to application.config.php file:


Setting Configuration:

To global.php add the following code block:

    'arilas' => [
        'screenleap' => [
            'accountId' => 'your account id',
            'token' => 'your auth token',

Starting Desktop Sharing:

Receive ScreenLeap service instance from ServiceLocator:

$screenLeapService = $serviceLocator->get('arilas.screenleap');

Get Sharing:

$share = $screenLeapService->shareScreen();

Result have methods:

  • getViewerUrl() - url that viewer may use to see screen
  • getAppletHtml() - code block, that appends to your HTML for start Screen Sharing