Events component of AttwFramework




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Events component of AttwFramework.

Tests ##Composer ###Download

    "require": {
        "attwframework/event": "dev-master"

##How to use ###Creating an event First, create an instance of Attw\Event\EventManager:

use Attw\Event\EventManager;

$eventManager = EventManager::getInstance();

After, create a listener. The listener will do the actions of an event. It can be a callable function

$eventManager->listen('after_login', function ($event) {
    $params = $event->getParams();
    $username = $params['username'];
    echo 'Welcome ' . $username;

or a class that implements Attw\Event\EventListenerInterface:

namespace You\Namespace\Event\Listener;

use Attw\Event\EventListenerInterface;

class UserListener implements EventListenerInterface
    public function afterLogin(Event $event)
        $params = $event->getParams();
        $username = $params['username'];
        echo 'Welcome ' . $username;
$eventManager->listen('after_login', 'You\Namespace\Event\Listener\UserListener.afterLogin');

Note: Listeners always receive an event as a parameter.

###Throwing an event Create an instance of Attw\Event\Event and set the params necessary to listener

use Attw\Event\Event;

$event = new Event();
$event->setParams(array('username' => $user->getName()));

$eventManager->trigger('after_login', $event);

###Custom events Example

namespace You\Namespace\Event;

use Attw\Event\Event;

class UserEvent extends Event
    private $user;

    public function setUsername($username)
        $this->username = $username;
    public function getUsername()
        return $this->username;

###Prioritizing an event Pass as third argument the number of order of prioritizing.

$eventManager->listen('some_name', 'You\Namespace\Event\Listener\YourListener.methodName1', 2);//The last to be executed
$eventManager->listen('some_name', 'You\Namespace\Event\Listener\YourListener.methodName2', 4);//The first to be executed
$eventManager->listen('some_name', 'You\Namespace\Event\Listener\YourListener.methodName3', 3);//The second to be executed

###Removing an event Use method Attw\Event\EventManager::unlisten($name = null, $listener = null).

Removing by name


Removing by listener (remove this listeners of all events)

$eventManager->unlisten(null, 'You\Namespace\Event\Listener\YourListener.methodName');

Removing by name and listener (remove listener of an event)

$eventManager->unlisten('some_name', 'You\Namespace\Event\Listener\YourListener.methodName');