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XML RPC Bundle

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This Symfony 2 bundle will let you implement an XML-RPC server without leaving the comfort of your gold old Symfony 2.

It does the following:

  • intercept requests to the XML-RPC endpoint
  • convert the XML payload to a unique route (based on the methodCall)
  • convert the XML payload to a set of primitive parameters (arrays, hashes, integers, strings...)

Usage example

Let's consider this XML-RPC payload:

      <value>Some string</value>

To process this call, all you need to do is create a route that matches /xmlrpc/API.getLatestContent, and map a controller to it, the usual way:

  path: /xmlrpc/myAPI.getLatestContent
    _controller: MyBundle:API:getLatestContent

And that's it. In your controller, you will receive a standard HttpFoundation Request, where each parameter is part of the POST data.

An hello world example can be found inside the bundle itself.

Parameters providers

By default, the route won't receive any parameter, and parameters from the XML-RPC request will be made available as $_POST[0], $_POST[1], ...

In order to get more meaningful controllers, ParametersProcessor can be used.

A parameter processor must:

  • implement BD\Bundle\XmlRpcBundle\XmlRpc\ParametersProcessorInterface
  • be registered as a service tagged as bdxmlrpc.parameters_processor, with a methodName attribute matching the XML-RPC method

The interface requires two methods: getRoutePathArguments and getParameters. Both will refine the request arguments based on the contents of the $parameters array, a numerical array of the XML-RPC request parameters.


Returns route URI arguments, as a numerically indexed array. Each argument will be added to the route's path, separated by slashes.


This method must return an array, associative or not, of POST parameters that will be added to the request.

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