This bundle provides basic components for the usage with facebook

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This bundle provides basic components for the usage with facebook.

Configuration overview

Including their default values.

    add_p3p_headers: false      # automatically add P3P Headers to every response (details further down)

Facebook App Model

A model which handles a lot of app ("real" app or page tab app) related logic.


    class: \Facebook
    arguments: [{ appId: "123456", secret: "thisisyoursecret" }]

    class: Becklyn\FacebookBundle\Model\FacebookAppModel
        - @my_facebook_service
        - @session
        - @router
        - ""          # the fan page url
        - ["email", "user_birthday", "publish_stream"]          # your required permissions
        - "session_identifier"                                  # if you need to use multiple services, you need to define unique session identifiers

This class bundles a lot of the functionality connected to app development with Facebook. It automatically loads the user api data (from a /me request), user request data (from the signed request) and the page data (also from the signed request). Also these values are persistent in the session, so you can safely navigate inside your app iframe without losing all the data.

This data is capsuled in three value objects:

  • Page
    • Bundles the page like, page admin and page id
  • RequestUser
    • Age, country & locale
  • ApiUser
    • Everything from the /me request. Includes direct getters for the most frequent used data (from base permissions + email + user_birthday)

All value objects always contain the complete data as provided by Facebook. You can either use the direct getters or use the getByKey to get data for a value without a direct getter (like if you use more permissions).

Furthermore the App Model provides the following:

  • Direct access to flags, whether the user has liked the page and provided the permissions
  • Getter whether the user is looking at the app in facebook, but not inside your page (like if the user looks at the page as real app and not as page tab, is not persisted between page changes)
  • Page Tab URL generator (including embedding data in app_data)
  • app_data access
  • Wrapper for wall posts

Twig Extensions

Facebook Utilities Twig Extension


This extension is automatically registered.


Provides the following Twig functions:

  • {{ fb_likeButton(url, dataAttributes = {}) }} Generates the HTML of a facebook button. You can set all data-attributes in the second argument (omit the data, so provide {href: "..."} for data-href="...")
  • {{ fb_profileImage(facebookId) }} Generates the URL to the profile image for the given facebook id.
  • {{ fb_profileUrl(facebookId) }} Generates the URL to the profile page for the given facebook id.
  • {{ fb_truncateLikeDescriptionText(text, length = 80) }} Truncates the given text and strips all HTML tags from it. The second parameter defines, where the text is truncated ("..." is appended if the text is truncated). The truncation will break words.

Facebook App Twig Extension

Provides twig functions which are related to FacebookAppModel.


    class: Becklyn\FacebookBundle\Service\FacebookAppTwigExtension
        - { name: twig.extension }
    arguments: [@facebook_app_model]    # definition from above


Provides the following Twig functions:

  • {{ fb_permissionsData(redirectRoute, redirectRouteParameters = {}) }} Returns an array with two keys: {"hasPermissions": false, "permissionsUrl": "..."}. Can be used json encoded to implement a permissions switch in your app. Expects the redirect route (with parameters) which are needed for the redirect uri used in the generation of the facebook login url.
  • {{ fb_appId() }} Returns the app id as defined in the model.

Additional information

If you use multiple facebook app models, you can automatically prefix these twig functions. The session identifier is used for the prefixing

    class: Becklyn\FacebookBundle\Model\FacebookAppModel
        # ...
        - "shop"        # the session identifier

    class: Becklyn\FacebookBundle\Service\FacebookAppTwigExtension
        - { name: twig.extension }
    arguments: [@facebook_app_model_shop, true]    # The true marks that the functions should be prefixed

The twig functions will now be called:

{{ fb_shop_permissionsData(redirectRoute, redirectRouteParameters = {}) }}
{{ fb_shop_appId() }}


Only one scss file is included, which sets the width and the overflow for an element with the id #fb-wrap, to automatically fit in the app iframe. You can @import it into your own SCSS file.

P3P Header Listener (Internet Explorer & iFrames & Cookies)

Internet Explorer blocks cookies from iFrame pages, see the discussion on Stack Overflow. You can fix this issue by adding P3P headers to your request. Use it with caution, because it might imply legal consequences (see the discussion on Stack Overflow for details).

You can use the listener provided by just setting in your config:

    add_p3p_headers: true

It will add the following header to all responses: P3P: CP="IDC DSP COR ADM DEVi TAIi PSA PSD IVAi IVDi CONi HIS OUR IND CNT"