PHP library for Yandex.Direct API

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Yandex.Direct API PHP Client

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PHP library for Yandex.Direct API.


  • PHP >= 5.6
  • ext-soap


You may install this library via Composer.

$ composer require biplane/yandex-direct

Basic usage


use Biplane\YandexDirect\Api\V5\Contract\AdFieldEnum;
use Biplane\YandexDirect\Api\V5\Contract\AdsSelectionCriteria;
use Biplane\YandexDirect\Api\V5\Contract\GetAdsRequest;
use Biplane\YandexDirect\Api\V5\Contract\StateEnum;
use Biplane\YandexDirect\User;

$user = new User([
    'access_token' => 'INSERT_YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN',
    'locale' => User::LOCALE_RU,

$criteria = AdsSelectionCriteria::create()

$payload = GetAdsRequest::create()

$response = $user->getAdsService()->get($payload);

foreach ($response->getAds() as $ad) {
    // here $ad is instance of Biplane\YandexDirect\Api\V5\Contract\AdGetItem

In this example will be fetched all actived ads for campaign with ID 123.


The Biplane\YandexDirect\User object supported some options:


The access token for OAuth. Required


You can specify the locale for messages from API. Allowed values: ru, ua or en.

Default: en


The master token needs for access to financial methods.


The client login. It's required for financial operations and when a request is made on behalf of the agency.


Enables to use an agency's units instead of an advertiser. See documentation for details.

Default: false


This option allows to enable the sandbox. See documentation for details.

Default: false

Supported API Services

You can get the proxy of a service through the User object, to interact with Yandex.Direct API.

  • User::getApiService() - Service for API Live 4.

  • User::getAdExtensionsService() - Service for manage ad's extensions (API 5).

  • User::getAdGroupsService() - Service for for manage ad groups (API 5).

  • User::getAdImagesService() - Service for for manage ad images (API 5).

  • User::getAdsService() - Service for manage ads (API 5).

  • User::getAgencyClientsService() - Service for manage an agency's clients (API 5).

  • User::getAudienceTargetsService() - This service is for performing operations with audience targets (API 5).

  • User::getBidsService() - Service for manage bids (API 5).

  • User::getBidModifiersService() - Service for the adjustments of bids (API 5).

  • User::getCampaignsService() - Service for manage campaigns (API 5).

  • User::getChangesService() - Service to check for changes (API 5).

  • User::getClientsService() - Service for manage clients (API 5).

  • User::getDictionariesService() - Service for fetch info about dictionaries (API 5).

  • User::getDynamicTextAdTargetsService() - Service for manage dynamic text ads (API 5).

  • User::getFeedsService - API 5

  • User::getKeywordBidsService() - Service for manage bids for keywords. (API 5)

  • User::getKeywordsService() - Service for manage keywords (API 5).

  • User::getKeywordsResearchService() - Service to get forecast of impressions for keywords. (API 5).

  • User::getLeadsService() - API 5

  • User::getNegativeKeywordSharedSetsService() - API 5

  • User::getRetargetingListsService() - Service for manage lists of retargeting (API 5).

  • User::getSitelinksService() - Service for manage sitelinks (API 5).

  • User::getSmartAdTargetsService() - API 5

  • User::getTurboPagesService() - API 5

  • User::getVCardsService() - Service for manage VCards (API 5).

Event listeners


This listener allows write to file info about request and response from server. File names generated on the basis of the request identifier

NOTE: The request identifier will be generated on client side for API 4 requests.

Instance, for the RequestId 806811001464643172 will be created two files:


You can get the RequestId from service instance or via the event object inside an event listener.

use Biplane\YandexDirect\EventListener\DumpListener;

$listener = new DumpListener('/var/dumps', DumpListener::LEVEL_ALL_REQUEST);


You can specify which requests should be dumped, all (LEVEL_ALL_REQUEST) or only with errors (LEVEL_FAIL_REQUEST).


This listener allows to log errors from API, with the different level for network, temporary errors.

use Biplane\YandexDirect\EventListener\LoggerListener;

$listener = new LoggerListener($logger);


Example a message in log:

[1970-01-01 23:59:59] app.NOTICE: Call YandexAPIService:AccountManagement completed with network error: Error Fetching http headers {"method":"YandexAPIService:AccountManagement","login":null,"request_id":"794841001487675763","error":"Error Fetching http headers"} []