Symfony bundle that provides a simple CRUD interface




The Bravesheep crudify bundle provides an easy way to quickly get a CRUD interface (Create-Read-Update-Delete) for simple entities. The bundle has several extension points and options to customize behavior. Most functionality can be customized quickly via the configuration. For a more generalized (be it more verbose) approach you should take a look at the SonataAdminBundle. Currently the BravesheepCrudifyBundle only supports Doctrine ORM as a backend for retrieving data.


Read more about the bundle here:

Installation and configuration

Using Composer add the bundle to your requirements:

    "require": {
        "bravesheep/crudify-bundle": "dev-master"

Then run composer update bravesheep/crudify-bundle

Basic configuration

Define mappings in your configuration file app/config/config.yml:

    mappings: ~

A full listing of the default config is available in the documentation.

Add routes to your routing file

In app/config/routing.yml, add the routes for the crudify administrator interface:

    prefix: /admin/
    type: crudify
    resource: .

Add the bundle to your AppKernel

Finally add the bundle in app/AppKernel.php:

public function registerBundles()
    return array(
        // ...
        new Knp\Bundle\PaginatorBundle\KnpPaginatorBundle(),
        new Bravesheep\CrudifyBundle\BravesheepCrudifyBundle(),
        // ...

Don't forget to further configure the KnpPaginatorBundle, following their guide. If you are already using the KnpPaginatorBundle in your AppKernel, then you don't need to add it again.