Checkdomain/telecash provides a wrapper to the TeleCash API

telecash, payment service provider



What is Checkdomain/TeleCash

Checkdomain/TeleCash is a wrapper for the TeleCash Internet Payment Gateway (german). TeleCash Internet Payment Gateway (TeleCash IPG) is a payment service provider supporting a variety of payment options.

This project focuses on version 4 of the API interface (IPG API). There is no support for the Connect interface.

Checkdomain/TeleCash is currently limit to credit card payments.

TeleCash offers a service called DataStorage (german), which basically means they handle the secure storage of credit card information. Checkdomain/TeleCash supports the DataStorage service, in fact it is the only supported option for initiating sell transactions.


Checkdomain/TeleCash requires php >= 5.4.


The easiest way to install this library is through composer. Just add the following lines to your composer.json file:

   "require": {
        "checkdomain/TeleCash": "dev-master"

Another way would be to download this library and configure the autoloading yourself. This library relies on a PSR-0 compatible autoloader for automatic class loading.


All supported API functions are accessible via the TeleCash class. For example, to validate credit card information use the validate method:

$teleCash = new Checkdomain\TeleCash\TeleCash(...);
$validation = $teleCash->validate($ccNumber, $ccValid);
echo $validation->wasSuccessful();

To store credit card information using the DataStorage service use the storeHostedData method:

$response = $teleCash->storeHostedDate($ccNumber, $ccValid, $hostedDataId);

To make a sell using previously stored credit card information use the sellUsingHostedData method:

$response = $teleCash->sellUsingHostedData($hostedDataId, $amount);


Checkdomain/TeleCash is open source. We are happily accepting any kind of contributions.

Running Tests

Run a php composer.phar install command in the base directory to install the phpunit dependency. After that you can simply call vendor/bin/phpunit tests/ to run the test suite.