A laravel audio and video conversion, thumbnail generator and metadata editor package powered by ffmpeg

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Sonus (Laravel 4 Package)

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**** NOTE **** This is a duplicate of I have duplicated because the original package was abandoned and i nedeed more stuffs for working with videos on Laravel. Sonus is a tool designed to leverage the power of Laravel 4 and ffmpeg to perform tasks such as:

  • Audio/Video conversion
  • Video thumbnail generation
  • Metadata manipulation

Quick Start


Update your composer.json file and add the following under the require key

"closca/sonus": "dev-master"

For Laravel 5 use

"closca/sonus": "dev-l5"

Run the composer update command:

$ composer update

In your config/app.php add 'Closca\Sonus\SonusServiceProvider' to the end of the $providers array

'providers' => array(



Still under config/app.php add 'Sonus' => 'Closca\Sonus\Facade' to the $aliases array

'aliases' => array(

    'App'             => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\App',
    'Artisan'         => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\Artisan',
    'Sonus'           => 'Closca\Sonus\Facade',


Run the artisan command below to publish the configuration file

$ php artisan config:publish Closca/Sonus

Navigate to app/config/packages/Closca/Sonus/config.php and update all four parameters


Here is a simple example of a file being converted from FLAC to AAC:


Sonus can also convert video files:

Sonus::convert()->input('foo.avi')->bitrate(300, 'video')->output('bar.flv')->go();

Sonus can also return media information as an array or json


Sonus can also easily generate smart movie thumbnails like this

Sonus::getThumbnails('foo.mp4', 'foo-thumb', 5); // Yields 5 thumbnails

Sonus can also thumbnify your movie (create thumbs for a short preview)

Sonus::thumbnify('foo.mp4', 'foo-thumb', 40, '400'); // Yields 40 thumbnails (every 10 seconds) and video has 400 secs

Although Sonus contains several preset parameters, you can also pass your own

Sonus::convert()->input('foo.flac')->output('bar.mp3')->go('-b:a 64k -ac 1');

Tracking progress

Make sure the progress and tmp_dir options are set correctly in the config.php file

'progress'      => true,
'tmp_dir'      => '/Applications/ffmpeg/tmp/'

Pass the progress method when initiating a conversion


Now you can write a controller action to return the progress for the job id you passed and call it using any flavor of JavaScript you like

public function getJobProgress($id)
    return Sonus::getProgress('uniqueid');

Security and Compatibility

Sonus uses PHP's shell_exec function to perform ffmpeg and ffprobe commands. This command is disabled if you are running PHP 5.3 or below and safe mode is enabled.

Please make sure that ffmpeg and ffprobe are at least the following versions:

  • ffmpeg: 2.1.*
  • ffprobe: 2.0.*

Also, remember that filepaths must be relative to the location of FFMPEG on your system. To ensure compatibility, it is good practice to pass the full path of the input and output files. Here's an example working in Laravel:

$file_in  = Input::file('audio')->getRealPath();
$file_out = '\path\to\my\file.mp3'; 

Lastly, Sonus will only convert to formats which ffmpeg supports. To check if your version of ffmpeg is configured to encode or decode a specific format you can run the following commands using php artisan tinker


To get a list of all supported formats you can run



Please make sure the following statements are true before opening an issue:

1) I am able to access FFMPEG on terminal using the same path I defined in the Sonus configuration file

2) I have checked the error logs for the webserver and found no FFMPEG output messages

Usually all concerns are taken care of by following these two steps. If you still find yourself having issues you can always open a trouble ticket.


Sonus is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

Aditional information

Any questions, feel free to contact me.

Any issues, please report here