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Robo tasks for Codeception tests parallel execution. Requires Robo Task Runner

Install via Composer

composer require codeception/robo-paracept --dev

Include into your RoboFile


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
require_once 'vendor/codeception/codeception/autoload.php';

class RoboFile extends \Robo\Tasks
    use Codeception\Task\Merger\ReportMerger;
    use Codeception\Task\Splitter\TestsSplitterTrait;


Parallel execution of Codeception tests can be implemented in different ways. Depending on a project the actual needs can be different. So we prepared a set of predefined Robo tasks that can be combined and reconfigured to fit your needs.



Load tests from a folder and distributes them between groups.

$result = $this->taskSplitTestsByGroups(5)

// task returns a result which contains information about processed data:
// optionally check result data   
if ($result->wasSuccessful()) {
    $groups = $result['groups'];
    $tests = $result['tests'];
    $filenames = $result['files'];

This command loads Codeception into memory, loads and parses tests to organize them between group. If you want just split test file and not actual tests (and not load tests into memory) use taskSplitTestFilesByGroups:


To split tests by suites (files) without loading them into memory use taskSplitTestFilesByGroups method:

$result = $this->taskSplitTestFilesByGroups(5)

// optionally check result data
if ($result->wasSuccessful()) {
    $filenames = $result['files'];


Enable extension for collect execution time of you use taskSplitTestsByTime

        - Codeception\Task\Extension\TimeReporter

Load tests from a folder and distributes them between groups by execution time.

$result = $this->taskSplitTestsByTime(5)

// optionally check result data
if ($result->wasSuccessful()) {
    $filenames = $result['files'];

this command need run all tests with Codeception\Task\TimeReporter for collect execution time. If you want just split tests between group (and not execute its) you can use SplitTestsByGroups. Please be aware: This task will not consider any 'depends' annotation!


Enable extension for collect failed tests if you use taskSplitFailedTests
The extension saves the report files into \Codeception\Configuration::outputDir()

        - Codeception\Task\Extension\FailedTestsReporter

Merge the created report files from the FailedTestsReporter into single file

    ->fromPathWithPattern(\Codeception\Configuration::outputDir(), '/failedTests_\w+\.txt$/')
    ->into(\Codeception\Configuration::outputDir() . 'failedTests.txt') // absolute path with Filename

Load the failed Tests from a reportfile into the groups:

$result = $this
    ->setReportPath(\Codeception\Configuration::outputDir() . 'failedTests.txt') // absoulute Path to Reportfile
    ->groupsTo(\Codeception\Configuration::outputDir() . 'group_')

// optionally check result data
if ($result->wasSuccessful()) {
    $filenames = $result['files'];


Mergex several XML reports:



Mergex several HTML reports:



You can use a custom filter to select the necessary tests.

Two filters already included: DefaultFilter, GroupFilter

  • DefaultFilter is enabled by default, takes all tests.
  • GroupFilter (Can only be used by taskSplitTestsByGroups), allows you to filter the loaded tests by the given groups. You have the possibility to declare groups which you want to include or exclude. If you declare foo and bar as included, only tests with this both group annotations will be matched. The same thing is happend when you add excluded groups. If you combine the included and excluded group the only tests which have exactly the correct group annotations for the included items and none of the excluded items.

You can add as many filters as you want. The FIFO (First In - First Out) principle applies. The next filter will only get the result of the filter before.


For example, you want all tests which have in the doc comment the groups 'foo' AND 'bar' but not 'baz' then you can do it like this:

$filter = new GroupFilter();


Now create your own filter class:



namespace ...;

use Codeception\Task\Filter\DefaultFilter;

class CustomFilter extends DefaultFilter {


The TestFileSplitterTask.php pushes an array of SplFileInfo Objects to the filter.
The TestsSplitterTask.php pushes an array of SelfDescribing Objects to the filter.


Load Codeception config file to specify the path to Codeception before split* tasks:



Thank you for contributing to codeception/robo-paracept!

  1. Fork this project
  2. install all deps
  3. create a branch from master
  4. make your changes
  5. extend or create tests for your changes
  6. run composer test (This will execute lint, codestyle and unit tests sequential)
  7. open a Merge Request

Coding Standard

Please note that this project follows the PSR-12 Coding Standard. You can check your coding style with:

composer codestyle

Unit Tests

All changes which you will done must pass the unit tests. If you change some logic or you add some new methods please be fair and write a test.

composer unit

License MIT