RedBeanPHP is an easy-to-use, on-the-fly ORM for PHP.

mysql, sqlite3, postgresql, mariadb, InnoDB, CUBRID


RedBeanPHP 4 Single File (5.3.3)

This is a fork from yeriomin/redbean-single-file with the patch applied for < PHP 5.3.3.

In this package there is only one file - rb.php. The one you would get by clicking Download RedBeanPHP on the redbean download page.

Unfortunately the composer workaround provided there does not allow creating composer packages with redbean dependency, it only allows adding redbean to your project locally (see composer FAQ for details).

Also, the package gabordemooij/redbean created from the redbean github repo only provides a way to get the source and does not let you just require it and use. For example after $ composer require gabordemooij/redbean You will not be able to run the following file:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

This package lets you do it.

$ composer require codyrobert/redbean-single-file

...Original readme:

RedBeanPHP 4 KickStart

Current Build Status: Build Status

RedBeanPHP 4 KS is an easy to use ORM tool that stores beans directly in the database and creates all tables and columns required on the fly. On the other hand it allows plain SQL to search the database. In fact RedBeanPHP is some sort of combination between document oriented database tools like mongoDB or couchDB and traditional relational database systems like MySQL. It offers the best of both worlds: SQL and no-SQL. You work with no-SQL if you interact with objects will you simply turn the switch and work with SQL if you want to do some typical database tasks like searching or quickly grabbing something out of the data store with specially crafted SQL. RedBean also has excellent performance because it can freeze the database schema which means it no longer scans schemas.

The KickStart Edition of RedBeanPHP is meant for RAD, prototyping and offers easy-to-use interfaces and a wonderful works-out-of-the-box experience.

If you already know the power of RedBeanPHP and you would like to use RedBeanPHP in a more complex project or integrate RedBeanPHP in an existing project you might find the RedBeanPHP 'Adaptive' Edition an interesting solution.

Databases Supported

RedBeanPHP supports MySQL/InnoDB, MariaDB/InnoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 and CUBRID.

Quick Example

How we store a book object with RedBeanPHP:

$book = R::dispense("book");
$book->author = "Santa Claus";
$book->title = "Secrets of Christmas";
$id = R::store( $book );

Yep, it's that simple.

This Github account is for development only. If you want to use RedBeanPHP 4 KickStart please visit the website and download the ALL-in-ONE PHAR file. This should work out-of-the-box with no configuration at all.

More information

For more information about RedBeanPHP please consult the RedBeanPHP online manual at: