Simple PHP library to connect to Microsoft HealthVault using raw XML.

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HVRawConnectorPHP Build Status

Simple PHP library to connect to Microsoft HealthVault.

This library is a fork of HVRawConnectorPHP. Several changes have been made to the library since the fork and they are documented at the bottom of this document.


HVRawConnectorPHP depends on some PHP libraries. If you simply use the latest development version of HVRawConnectorPHP from github you have to ensure that all of them are installed. You can use pear to do so:

pear channel-discover
pear install querypath/QueryPath
pear install Log
pear install Net_URL2

HVRawConnectorPHP itself could be installed by pear, too. In that case all the dependencies mentioned above will be installed automatically:

pear channel-discover
pear channel-discover
pear install biologis/HVRawConnector

This method will install HVRawConnectorPHP as a library, but without the available demo application.


Some examples will follow later.

Meanwhile you can have a look at the demo_app source code.


The demo_app included in this repository queries a user's HealthVault record for all "Things" and dumps the content. By default it uses the US pre production instance of HealthVault.

Simply put the HVRawConnectorPHP folder on a web server and access "demo_app/index.php".

Changes and Additions

  • Updated the GetThings method to be able to make both online and offline requests