PHP client library for the HackThisSite Ostiary session token manager

ostiary, php, redis, session, session-management


Ostiary Client (PHP library)

This library provides a PHP client for the Ostiary session manager.

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Note: This library can be used stand-alone from an Ostiary server, or can directly interact with the Redis backend of an Ostiary server. However, doing this grants full access to the Redis backend and circumvents the access controls the Ostiary server provides.


Ostiary is a simple session token manager that can be used for a variety of use cases, acting as an authenticated and authorized wrapper around a Redis store. Sessions are identified and validated using JSON Web Tokens, and scoped data buckets offer the additional ability to store session meta-data (such as username, email, timezone, etc.).

This PHP client library is used to either interface with an Ostiary server, or work stand-alone.


Install this library using the composer PHP package manager:

composer require "hackthissite/ostiaryclient"

For usage, see the documentation section below.


  • Quickstart - Overview and quickstart
  • Class API - Documentation for the end-user classes of the Ostiary PHP client


Navigate into the directory where you cloned the Git repository. Install dependencies using the composer PHP package manager:

composer install

Generating documentation

  1. Delete the contents of the doc/api/ folder
  2. Run the command: vendor/bin/phpdoc-md