iConneqt compatibility layer for Crazy Awesome ESP E-Ngine API Client

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iConneqt compatibility layer for Crazy Awesome ESP E-Ngine API Client

Drop-in replacement for the Crazy Awesome ESP E-Ngine API Client component. Connect to iConneqt REST API, mimicking deprecated E-Ngine behaviour.



Preferred way of installing is though Composer.

composer require iconneqt/rest-api-client

Or add the following item to the require section of your composer.json file.

"iconneqt/cac-client": "*"

Update composer using composer update.

This component requires the iConneqt PHP REST API client, which should be automatically installed when updating composer.

API Configuration

The Adapter uses the iConneqt REST API to emulate behaviour of the E-ngine SOAP Webservice. When creating the EngineApi class some configuration is needed;

  • domain - The domain where iConneqt is availabe. (e.g. crm01.iconneqt.nl)
  • user - Your iConneqt user name
  • password - Your iConneqt password or API token (contact iConneqt).

Compatibility notes

Mailinglist ID

Although strongly recommended, the E-ngine SOAP API did not require mailinglist ID's to be provided before sending mailings to recipients. iConneqt requires the mailinglist ID to be selected before creating a new mailing. You can set the mailinglist ID through configuration during construction or by calling the selectMailingList() method.


Support for the PSR logger is removed.