A new version of The Legend of the Green Dragon, upgrade scripts and optimization , migrating to a Symfony Application

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The version IDMarinas Edition is based on the version 1.1.2 Dragonprime by Dragonprime Development Team (Dragonprime) and have code of Oliver Brendel (NB Core).

IDMarinas Edition

Version of the IDMarinas Edition: 6.0.0

The intention to make a new branch of the Core, is to be able to update certain aspects, which were outdated, such as the script that is used to access the database, while correcting certain errors, and adding new options of customization.

IDMarinas Edition is used in:


You can find modules revised for IDMarinas Edition in LOTGD - Modules. If you want more modules, in (DragonPrime) you can find more modules and you can revised for work in IDMarinas Edition


  • This version may not be compatible with most of the modules available for version 1.1.* DragonPrime Edition
    • It may be necessary to adapt the modules to work in IDMarinas Edition
    • In IDMarinas Edition 3.0.0, most modules will not work
  • From the 2.7.0 IDMarinas Edition you need PHP 7.0 or better
  • From the 4.0.0 IDMarinas Edition you need PHP 7.1 or better
  • From the 4.2.0 IDMarinas Edition you need PHP 7.2 or better
  • From the 4.6.0 IDMarinas Edition you need PHP 7.3 or better


Read Wiki for more information.