Overrides mail From headers, adds check of mail functionality.



Mail Helpers


Overrides mail From headers, adds check of mail functionality.


  • Preferable way is to use Composer:

    composer require innocode-digital/wp-mail-helpers

    By default it will be installed as Must Use Plugin. But it's possible to control with extra.installer-paths in composer.json.

  • Alternate way is to clone this repo to wp-content/mu-plugins/ or wp-content/plugins/:

    cd wp-content/plugins/
    git clone
    cd wp-mail-helpers/
    composer install

If plugin was installed as regular plugin then activate Mail Helpers from Plugins page or WP-CLI: wp plugin activate wp-mail-helpers.



If it's needed to override From mail headers in all emails then next constant should be added (usually to wp-config.php):

define( 'MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS', '' );
define( 'MAIL_FROM_NAME', '' );

It's not required to set both constants, in most cases you only need to set MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS.

Plugin sets hook with pretty big priority 9999 but another plugins and themes could set bigger value and in this case you should change priority according to your needs, e.g.:

if ( function_exists( 'innocode_mail_helpers' ) ) {
    remove_filter( 'wp_mail_from', [ innocode_mail_helpers(), 'mail_from' ], 9999 );
    add_filter( 'wp_mail_from', [ innocode_mail_helpers(), 'mail_from' ], 10001 );


There is a possibility to set From mail headers in WordPress administration panel: Settings > Mail. From Email should be verified in a similar way like WordPress verifies Administration Email Address. These settings have bigger priority than constants.


Plugin adds a tool for testing mail functionality. You can send a test email in WordPress administration panel from Tools > Mail page.