The User Experience and Interface framework for the Jadu Continuum Platform

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Pulsar is the User Experience and Interface framework for Jadu software.


Watch a Jadu Academy session presented by Paul Stanton, Pulsar Product Owner which gives an overview of Pulsar and how it influences our product development.

Jadu Pulsar - The UI framework for the Continuum platform


Documentation is available online at, we welcome any feedback on areas which may need improvement.


New issues can be submitted through the GitHub Issue Tracker, and Pull Requests are very welcome, please take a minute to read our notes for contributors.

Mission Statement

  • Improve code quality and consistency
  • Enable developers to prototype in hours, not days
  • Allow the continual release of UI improvements
  • Provide a common UI language to help new developers learn our lingo
  • Provide a starting point to redesign older parts of the software
  • Improve performance
  • Make our interfaces more testable
  • Make the users of our software happier
  • Make the people designing Jadu interfaces happier
  • Learn how our customers use our software
  • Learn what our customers need (not necessarily what they ask for) so that we can build the right thing
  • Reduce the complexity of the tasks our customers need to perform
  • Define clear, understandable guidelines for developers to build awesome things


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