An extension of the console modules in ZF2, this handles boxes grid views and more.

zf2, console


About Cool Console

This is a module that helps building a more nice interface when the ZF2 application is running in console view. At this stage it's still in the beta stage and need a lot of improvements, like more advanced selectors lists and more.


Main Setup

With composer

  1. Add this project and KryuuCoolConsole in your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "katsuo-ryuu/kryuu-cool-console": "dev-master"
  2. Now tell composer to download KryuuCoolConsole by running the command:

    $ php composer.phar update

Creating a simple view

NOTICE The system currently only have one view type "grid"

    // Create a new view
    $view = new Grid();
    // Create a nice box with a padding of 1 and a margin of 1
    // and make it with double borders
    $box = new Box(1,1, Border::BORDER_DOUBLE);
    // Setting the background color  of the box
    // Create a selection list
    $choiseList = new ChoiceList();
    // Setting the items in the selection list
    $choiseList->setItems(['item 1', 'item 2', 'item 3']);
    // Adding a nice headline to the list
    $choiseList->setHeadline('Please select an item');
    // Add the choice list to the box container
    // Add the box to the grid view
    // show the actual view in the terminal