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Template bundle for Color Admin

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Intro to Color Admin Bundle


        use_knp_menu: false #if set to true and KnpMenuBundle is installed, we'll set the template to our knp_menu.html.twig template 
            theme: default|red|blue|purple|orange|black # template theme; Default: 'default'
                template: string # template for KNP Paginator - Default: 'NSColorAdminBundle:Pagination:pagination.html.twig'
                wrapper_class: string # css classname for wrapper <div> - Default: 'paginator-md'
                labels: true|false # select whether to display "Previous/Next" labels - Default: false
            use_pace: true|false # use the pace.js preloader script for fancy page-load animations - Do not use in development as page content will not display on 500-errors - Default: false
                fixed: true|false # page header fixed to top of window - Default: true
                inverse: true|false # Inverse (white on black) style for page header - Default: false
                fixed: true|false # sidebar fixed to top left of window - Default: true
                scrolling: true|false # sidebar scrolls independently - Default: true
                grid: true|false # alternate sidebar style with borders - Default: false
                gradient: true|false # alternate colors with gradient style - Default: false

Twig functions

There are some additional helper functions for creating common UI elements in twig:


{{ beginPanel(label, parameters, headerContent) }}

Creates a new widget panel with the opening tags for the widget content.


  • label: the widget title
  • parameters: additional configuration parameters:
    • style: default|inverse|primary|info|success|warning|danger; default: inverse
    • background: white|black|blue|green|orange|red|aqua; default: white
    • text: white|black; default: black
    • sortable: the sortable-id when using the sortables
  • headerContent: an html string containg any additional header markup (controls, buttons, etc). Appears before the widget title. (so use pull-left, etc)


{{ endPanel() }}

Closes an open widget panel


{{ button(text, href, class) }}

Creates a simple button.


  • text: the button text
  • href: the button url
  • class: the css classname for the button; default: "btn-default"


{{ buttonDropdown(text, primary_action, items, group_class, primary_class) }}

Creates a button with dropdown menu.


  • text: The button text
  • primary_action: the url for the "main" button
  • items: the list of dropdown items (see buttonDropdownItems)
  • group_class: css class for the button group
  • primary_class: css class for the primary button; default: "btn-primary"


{{ buttonDropdownItems(items) }}

Create items for a dropdown button. Called by buttonDropdown.


  • items: array of key-value pairs; {'Button Label':'url'}. Keys must be unique. Use false for the value to create a separator.
{{ buttonDropdownItems({'Item 1':'http://www.google.com', 'Item 2':'http://www.yahoo.com', 'Separator 1':false, 'Item 3':'http://www.microsoft.com'}) }}

Main navigation configuration


See sample MenuBuilder in ColorAdminBundle/Menu/MenuBuilder.php

Services config

        class: NS\ColorAdminBundle\Menu\MenuBuilder
        arguments: ["@knp_menu.factory"]
            - { name: knp_menu.menu_builder, method: createSidebarMenu, alias: sidebar } # The alias is what is used to retrieve the menu
            - { name: knp_menu.menu_builder, method: createSidebarMenu, alias: breadcrumbs }

Other config

        template: NS\ColorAdminBundle\Resources\Paginator\paginator.html.twig #optional

Error Templates

There are error templates located in views/Exception; Copy/extend these in app/Resources/TwigBundle/views/Exception to use the custom error page templates.

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